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Santa’s Personal Brand MMX (2010)

January 6, 2010

I’m thinking that Santa needs a brand lift (A New Brand or Image) moving into the next decade. And in this economy, he should look for ways to reduce his cost and expenses. He should also look for additional revenue streams and brand growth. I have pulled together 10 contemporary ways that Santa could grow his personal brand and increase revenues for Christmas 2010 (MMX).

1. Go Green. Start to use mass transit when applicable; promote Reindeer as alternative fuel and refurbish/recycle broken toys or re-market those darn misfit toys. Be the next keynote speaker at the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

2. More in the Red. Start selling ad space on Santa’s sleigh, reindeer and outfit (the red suit) – using the NASCAR model. I call this Ravertising. Also look for a large corporation/brand to sponsor the Christmas Eve event. For example,  AT&T presents “The Night before Christmas”.

3. The Millennium Outreach. Reach today’s youth by using more contemporary slang, such as Yo, Yo, Yo instead of Ho, Ho, Ho (This could be easily misinterpreted).

4. Create the Next Aspen. Create a North Pole ski resort village. Sell time-shares and create a new elite vacation retreat for the rich and famous. I’m thinking the Ice Hotel.

5. Create a New Healthier Image. Introducing the slimmer Santa for 2010…create a new exercise DVD program. Produce an infomercial and appear on QVC or HSN to pitch the program. Maybe appear on Celebrity Fit Club or The Biggest Loser.

6. Create a Claus campaign. Get organizations behind you as sponsors, such as PETA. Ensuring that no reindeer are harmed or abused during Christmas Eve delivery.

7. Establish one brand Identity. Perhaps, shorten Santa Claus to just “Santa or SC”. Eliminate all of the multiple long names (Santa Claus, St. Nick, Chris Kringle, and all the others ones). Create a new iconic symbol or logo. I’m thinking the new KFC logo with the Colonel Sanders image.

8. Precise Dialogue. Invest in new emerging technologies. Start using social media (Twitter or facebook) instead of receiving your Christmas wish list by snail mail. Use GPS tracking and package tracking (Mobile Apps) when delivering gifts.

9. The Holiday Merger. Merge Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays all into one big holiday blow out. Maybe something like New Thanks Christmas Extravaganza (NTCE). Maybe acquire Valentine’s Day for future expansion. Retailers are always trying to push Christmas into October/November anyway.

10. Outsource Toy Manufacturing. Offshore toy making to India or China. Wait a minute… I think this is currently in place.

Happy New Year! I’m back from the holiday and looking forward to MMX.

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